Other types of Vending machines



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Other types of Vending machines

In this category you will find a variety of unconventional Vending machines, like Vending machines for non-food items, Vending machines for Ice cream, Flowers Vending machines, Orange fresh Vending machines, Vending machines for selling books and newspaper and so on ...

Other types of Vending machines  There are 4 products.


  • Other brand new...

    In this section we offer brand new vending machines of last generation and tehnology; over the years we have refined our catalogue of machines to make sure we only offer a selection of the best coffee machines available.

  • Other refurbished...

    The refurbished vending equipments have been carefully hygienized and reconditioned with worn or damaged parts replaced and are being sold completely clean, revised, tested and set to correct parameters of working. We strongly recommend these machines to end-users or to customers which are runing different businesses, don't have the knowledge or a proper technical support in this field and also to those who are starting-up a business with vending machines and are making their first steps.

    All these machines are are coming with 3 months warranty and also free training is given for free on delivery. The warranty commences from the date of invoice for a term of three months. In the unlikely event of claim please return your machine to us when we will effect a prompt repair. In the event of a third party unauthorized engineer being instructed, please be aware that this will invalidate your warranty and we will not be liable for any costs incurred under any circumstances.

    What it does not cover the warranty:

    • Connection to inappropriate electricity source.
    • Electrical spikes.
    • User Error.
    • Modification.
    • Lack Of Cleaning.
    • Use of aggressive cleaning products.
    • Exposure to freezing conditions or high temperature.
    • Plastics or glass parts.
    • Accidental or deliberate damage.
  • Other used Vending...

    The used vending machines are often complete and workable machines, taken out from locations from all over the Europe. Most of the machines are not cleaned and unrevised and will be sold 'as they are'. No warranty is given. For our very low prices we are not offering reparation and setting service included in the standard price, but we can carry on this job at extra cost if there is a special request. By their nature, used vending machines can vary in quality and price; however, when cost is paramount, these equipments can offer a good alternative solution.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items