Coffee machines

In this category you'll find a variety of espresso machines for domestic or commercial use for professionals into this field. Moreover, we can supply milk chillers, cups heaters, maintenance & care products and other accessories for serving counter top. Next, we invite you to choose the category you might be interested in. 

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  • Home coffee machines
    This range of domestic appliances are suitable for all coffee lovers who likes to prepare their own espresso early in the morning or during the whole day without leaving home. So easy to use you don't need any qualification or abilities to make a cup of espresso in seconds. Perfect for all coffee lovers. 
  • Commercial coffee...
    This stunning range of commercial coffee machines give coffee house quality drinks and are suited to environments such as small and medium size offices, coffee shops, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and not only. Dot them anywhere freestanding equipment is not required. Perfect for all coffee lovers. 
  • Milk fridges

    Milk coolers for automatic coffee machines, helps to preserve the milk at an optimum temperature to avoid altering it during a day of use of a coffee machine. This range of equipment is dedicated to the Office segment or HoReCa channels for cafes, terraces, bars, street food concepts, hotels, restaurants and many more.

  • Cups warmer

    Cups heaters for automatic coffee machines, heat and mantain the cups warm for best results during the coffee preparation. This range of equipment is dedicated to the Office segment or HoReCa channels for cafes, bars, hotels, restaurants and many more. You can choose from brand new or second-hand equipment, according to your current budget.

  • Bar accessories & tools

    In this section you will find vary coffee bar accessories. 

  • Maintenance & care...

    Care products for cleaning and maintaining coffee machines.

  • Coffee machines water...

    Water pumps for espresso machines or to connect the automatic coffee machines to a self feeding kit.

  • Cappuccino milk frother

    Cappuccino frother and milk foam devices for Jura automatic coffee machines featured with 'One Touch Cappuccino' function.

  • Coffee machines spare...

    In this category you will find Jura coffee machines spare parts and some accessories.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items