Vending machines

In this category you will find a variety of vending machines, popular equipment nowadays due to their characteristic to operate without the need for the physical presence of a seller and can be located in small places wherever a micro-market is necessary. 

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  • Snacks & drinks...

    Here you can find a variety of vending machines fully spiral operated enabling both snacks and soft drinks packed in bottles of 0.5 l or cans of 0.33 l to be vended through the same machine. 

  • Cold drinks vending...
    Here you can find cold drinks Vending machines, packed in bottles of 0.5 l or cans of 0.33. They can be glass front vending machines or closed front vending machines. Advantages of glass fronted cold drinks machines compared with closed fronted machines include a wider selection of products and the potential of significantly increased product sales. Research has shown that viewing products directly through the glass helps to increase impulse purchases by approximately 60%. The glass fronted drinks machines offer a greater number of product selections and increased versatility, it is easy to use and delivers chilled cans and bottles at the touch of a finger. On the other side, the closed fronted vending machines offer a bigger capacity despite a smaller number of selections. 
  • Other types of...

    In this category you will find a variety of unconventional Vending machines, like Vending machines for non-food items, Vending machines for Ice cream, Flowers Vending machines, Orange fresh Vending machines, Vending machines for selling books and newspaper and so on.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items